Connecting Families

I have just spent 2 weeks in Lithuania and following that Paris tracing my mothers side of the family. Those posts will follow soon.

In New York, I am chasing the history of my fathers side, mainly his maternal family, The Wein’s of Pysznica. Many people ask me why I do this. It is hard to respond to such a question and justify this passion of mine to recreate my family’s history, to bring it to life, as it were, and make it relevant for those that ask this question of me.

I recently met some cousins visiting Australia. Yesterday I arrived at the Perlmutter’s lovely home in New York for they learned about my journey and wanted to help. David had documents and photos that would be relevant to my search. So to the attic he and Linda went and today I started my search and the laborious scanning process.

Found were the German and Polish passport and identity books of David’s parents. Each page is scanned for the information within provides me with the necessary information, not only on their vital records but also their travels from one country to another.

Erna, David’s mother was born into our Wein family who originated from from the tiny shtetl of Pysznica in Poland.

I happened to notice that neatly placed inside this Polish passport was an airmail letter.  For the moment, I put the letter aside in order to scan the passport.

Once I had finished that process I decided I had better have a look at the letter just in case it was relevant. Erna’s parents were very close with my grandparents and if you will recall in my last post, A Box Full of History, in which I describe finding the archive of letters of my father and grandfather there were amongst those letters, dozens from Erna’s parents.

It so happened that I was corresponding with a cousin from Australia who was interested in the familial relationship of the Perlmutters. If you go back and read this post you will read about Bernard and Ami Goldman and “connecting the dots” to their family, our family and others related to us. Bernard’s son David had asked me the question regarding how his family were related to the Perlmutters.

The knowledge that our family has been dispersed and fragmented all over the world only makes me work harder in my quest to reconnect with them. The Holocaust, not only annihilated and killed too many family to mention here but it destroyed our family unit, cousins who would have lived their lives together, knowing each other and enjoying the every day happenings, the little things that make up an extended family life. When our families lived in Poland and Germany, they shared each others lives. The fragmentation of our family throughout the world is part of the reasoning behind my mission to rejoin those threads.

So imagine how I felt when I turned to the back of the letter and looked at who the sender was.

It was Ami Goldman, Bernard’s brother and David’s Uncle. Coincidence that earlier today I had answered Davids relationship to the Perlmutters question? I think NOT!

Nothing is by chance.

If you have read my posts or followed my art blog you will know that “Bashert” has come into play for me yet again.

Telling me today, as it has many times before,

that yes,

I am on the correct path!